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You have made a life-changing decision, you are moving to a new country! This is exciting and frightening at the same time. Leaving friends and family behind, your home, your work, your happy place. You may be anxious about finding a lovely place to live, the perfect school for your children but also wondering about your new workplace and colleagues. Your spouse might want to take language and cultural lessons or even find new work too.

Having lived in 5 different countries over the past 10 years, I have been through this operation a lot. I know all the emotional rollercoasters, the packing and unpacking process, the goodbyes, the hellos and new welcomes.

I am very excited to accompany you through this new and amazing experience of moving to Munich.

Welcome to the Cosmopolitan City with Heart!


Susane Mildenberger

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One of the most important things on your To-Do list when moving abroad is to find the perfect place to live. You might be a single or have a family with children, no matter your life situation you want a home to relax and unwind. The housing market in Munich is very challanging and might be stressful without professional help.
Our Previsit and housing services include:
- Helping find matching houses or apartments based on market availability
- We accompany you to every viewing
- Help you get the best possible contract inkl. utilities, internet, phone, insurances  etc.

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