Ask for an individual package that fits perfectly to your needs and demands or book a package below

300 €

Schooling Package

  • List of suitable schools

  • Contacting potential schools

  • Making appointments and visiting potential schools

  • Paperwork admission

500 €

Settling In Package

Assisting with

  • Opening bank account

  • Finding suitable mobile phone provider

  • Finding suitable utilities provider (gas, electricity etc.)

  • Guidance with public health care system, private health care system, child benefit etc.

  • Explain and assist with public transport

  • Spousal support e.g. educational classes, job search

  • Help finding a family doctor / pediatrician 

1500 €

StartWell Package

  • Advice on neighborhoods

  • Property search and tour

  • School search and visit

  • Registration at KVR (registration office)

  • Helping with: utility contracts, TV license, mobile phone provider, public transport, insurances

  • Supermarket / drugstore /shops tour

2000 €

All In Package


StartWell Package

Schooling package

Settling In package