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Munich and its neighborhoods

Munich is a boom town. Over the last few decades it has grown to a population of 1.56 Million people and is still growing. With many worldwide operating companies but also midsized smaller businesses it offers a wide range of job opportunities. Just recently it has been again voted Top 7 place to live for Expats, by Mercer "Quality of living city ranking 2023"*. Source: Mercer Quality of Living City ranking 2023 *URL: 17.01.2024)

If you are moving to Munich you might find this short summary of some neighborhoods that I have put together helpful.


The city center, along with Altstadt and Lehel, is one of Munich's most desirable and upscale residential areas. With its exclusive rental apartments in beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, trendy bars, gourmet restaurants, boutiques, etc., it is one of the most sought-after places to live.

Glockenbach / Gärtnerplatzviertel

Very popular neighborhoods known for their exclusive boutiques and other small businesses. It is considered a trendy area of the city and most LGBTQ+ friendly with fantastic bars and clubs. Many luxury renovations are underway and rents are skyrocketing. Young professionals and high earners like to live here as well as bohemians and people who like the neighborhood with its beautiful old buildings, streets with quiet traffic and great shopping. Rental prices are high.


Schwabing is one of the loveliest and most attractive districts of Munich. There are many small streets with old times charm and old buildings. You will find numerous boutiques, shops, cafes, bars , restaurants here. The rental prices are high for flats in smaller streets, however some apartments in the bigger streets may be cheaper.


A beautiful part of town with many magnificent classic buildings. Lovely cafes and bars line up next to each other. Popular amongst students because of the Ludwig Maximilian University and the TUM, but rents are high and residents are mostly high-income earners. Individuals who appreciate easy access to many cultural locations and who like an urban life, love this part of town.

Neuhausen / Nymphenburg

Neuhausen and Nymphenburg offers beautiful older buildings with green yards, a mix of historical charm and many green spaces. Both are high class residential areas. Nymphenburg is a quiet area while Neuhausen has great restaurants, bars and cafes to offer. Housing prices are higher in Nymphenburg. People who like living in a family friendly environment and still be close to the city centre, will like this district.

Au Haidhausen

With its mix of modern and old charming buildings and market squares like Wiener Platz, this is one of the most desirable places to live in Munich.

Along the Isar river, there are beautiful apartments, the lively area around the river its a popular choice for those who are looking for both nature and the city centre.


This part of Munich is an upscale residential district. It has a sophisticated vibe with charming old architecture mixed with new and renovated buildings. Many wealthy people live here but also families who are looking for a more elegant apartment will find it very attractive. Rental prices are exceptionally high.


In Harlaching you will find a family-friendly and calm neighborhood with much green along the Isar river. A variety of housing options like smaller apartment buildings but also sigle and semi-detached houses. It is a peaceful place to live.

Allach-Untermenzing and Obermenzing

Not too far away from the city centre in the north, north-west this suburban residential areas offer great choices of mostly single family houses, semi detached houses and townhouses. This is a great area for those who are looking for a family friendly and quiet area with a good connection to the city.

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